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Above is the link to the gaming playlist on the maclad1888 official you tube channel feel free to share the videos and the channel link ,im building a library of either livefeeds,or gaming clips from games ive played on ps4 ….ENJOY


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Formula 1 2015 Ps4/Xbox 1

Formula 1 2015 Ps4/Xbox 1

If you’re used to more arcade-style console racers, this might come as a shock. A race weekend represents a good half hour or more of effort, while the race itself takes a certain level of focus and concentration. Yet the sheer length of the races almost forces you to think about strategy, tyre wear, fuel and the other drivers, which means you’re thinking more like an F1 racing driver. In fact, F1 2015 is one of the most immersive F1 racers ive ever gen has certainly taken gaming to a whole new level and with formula 1 2015 its evident.

Visually it’s a big improvement on past F1 games with courses coming to life, bringing an extra realistic edge to the action for die-hard fans who know every turn of the tracks.The drive itself is smooth with hardly any noticeable glitches as you motor along at top speed past famous and familiar sights.On the road battles feel great in the hands too, with the controller reacting well as you batter your pad trying to get that extra kick out of your car.It’s exactly how I’d imagine an F1 car to feel as I’m pushing it to its limits. No mean feat for Codemasters to accomplish.Authenticity is key to making this successful and you’ll be happy to hear all the major cars and tracks from the F1 season feature.


what i took from the game was a sense of achievement after each race ,however skilled a gamer you are in the genre you’ll enjoy the challenge i think the developers have got it just right and alough the AI drivers might appear very aggressive it ads to the ultimate feel of the game ,there’s been a lot of complaints about the lack of depth with the game modes compared to previous titles but as a package im delighted with this yrs offering ,if I was giving it a rating it would be a solid 9,codemasters deliver another fine simulator of high-octane racing …

whether your buying this game on ps4 or x box both consoles deliver the look and feel of high-speed racing ,one thing i would say though is for me personally the ps4 controller works better for racing games it sits in the hand a lot better than Microsoft’s controller,and you feel way more at ease and in control of the game with the dualshock,its one thing that sets ps4 above xbox 1 there are others but this isn’t a ps4 v x box post so that’s for another day..


So go buy formula 1 2015 you wont be dissapointed if you want a racer that looks and plays like formula 1 without all the previous extras then buy it,on the other hand if your somewhat old school and feel shortchanged by the fact theve cut it back removing a lot of the stuff theyd been adding last 6 yrs maybe its not the title for you ,whatever your choice its a decent addition to anyones gaming collection …


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