Spain 7-1 England Womens International on Fifa 16…………..

I ve found the new women’s addition to the fifa 16 franchise to be really good the ladies play as well as the boys and you wonder why they didn’t have mixed gender games included in  the game …the game i played above was a few nights back and it was really good fun,some of the goals you’ll agree are top class,as far as the game goes this year ,ive been very happy with the new additions ,you can feel the joy of football flowing through the dualshock controller,the new tricks feints and flicks are all excellent when performed and the celebrations to the camera adds a nice touch…

I also like the skill games this year ,and have become very fond of the free kicks training exercises ,this is an area of the game i personally have struggled to master and this year i have become a lot better ,free kick scenarios are well explained and easy to do,i hope you enjoyed the video nothing against england just spain looked better….scoring this game id give it a solid 9 …………….


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