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Above is the link to the gaming playlist on the maclad1888 official you tube channel feel free to share the videos and the channel link ,im building a library of either livefeeds,or gaming clips from games ive played on ps4 ….ENJOY


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Spain 7-1 England Womens International on Fifa 16…………..

I ve found the new women’s addition to the fifa 16 franchise to be really good the ladies play as well as the boys and you wonder why they didn’t have mixed gender games included in  the game …the game i played above was a few nights back and it was really good fun,some of the goals you’ll agree are top class,as far as the game goes this year ,ive been very happy with the new additions ,you can feel the joy of football flowing through the dualshock controller,the new tricks feints and flicks are all excellent when performed and the celebrations to the camera adds a nice touch…

I also like the skill games this year ,and have become very fond of the free kicks training exercises ,this is an area of the game i personally have struggled to master and this year i have become a lot better ,free kick scenarios are well explained and easy to do,i hope you enjoyed the video nothing against england just spain looked better….scoring this game id give it a solid 9 …………….

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Formula 1 2015 Ps4/Xbox 1

Formula 1 2015 Ps4/Xbox 1

If you’re used to more arcade-style console racers, this might come as a shock. A race weekend represents a good half hour or more of effort, while the race itself takes a certain level of focus and concentration. Yet the sheer length of the races almost forces you to think about strategy, tyre wear, fuel and the other drivers, which means you’re thinking more like an F1 racing driver. In fact, F1 2015 is one of the most immersive F1 racers ive ever gen has certainly taken gaming to a whole new level and with formula 1 2015 its evident.

Visually it’s a big improvement on past F1 games with courses coming to life, bringing an extra realistic edge to the action for die-hard fans who know every turn of the tracks.The drive itself is smooth with hardly any noticeable glitches as you motor along at top speed past famous and familiar sights.On the road battles feel great in the hands too, with the controller reacting well as you batter your pad trying to get that extra kick out of your car.It’s exactly how I’d imagine an F1 car to feel as I’m pushing it to its limits. No mean feat for Codemasters to accomplish.Authenticity is key to making this successful and you’ll be happy to hear all the major cars and tracks from the F1 season feature.


what i took from the game was a sense of achievement after each race ,however skilled a gamer you are in the genre you’ll enjoy the challenge i think the developers have got it just right and alough the AI drivers might appear very aggressive it ads to the ultimate feel of the game ,there’s been a lot of complaints about the lack of depth with the game modes compared to previous titles but as a package im delighted with this yrs offering ,if I was giving it a rating it would be a solid 9,codemasters deliver another fine simulator of high-octane racing …

whether your buying this game on ps4 or x box both consoles deliver the look and feel of high-speed racing ,one thing i would say though is for me personally the ps4 controller works better for racing games it sits in the hand a lot better than Microsoft’s controller,and you feel way more at ease and in control of the game with the dualshock,its one thing that sets ps4 above xbox 1 there are others but this isn’t a ps4 v x box post so that’s for another day..


So go buy formula 1 2015 you wont be dissapointed if you want a racer that looks and plays like formula 1 without all the previous extras then buy it,on the other hand if your somewhat old school and feel shortchanged by the fact theve cut it back removing a lot of the stuff theyd been adding last 6 yrs maybe its not the title for you ,whatever your choice its a decent addition to anyones gaming collection …


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Playstation 3 and 4 Gallery

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Driveclub Review..Pics,Vid…


To anyone who’s not played the game you’re in for a treat ,once you get by the massive 17 GB download to your next-gen console you’ll be impressed by the game, the graphics are amazing and almost all the tracks are a joy to drive on , the cars handle well and there’s a fine balance just enough to keep you on edge , the problem with some racing games is there to ultra realistic with no mercy…at least here you feel in control….

The licensed cars may look lovely, but they don’t crash very impressively. A few dents and scratches are present, but when you flip the car at 200mph, there should be a satisfying scene of destruction. As it is, you scrape along the barriers and the car resets and off you go on your merry way,if you can overlook that small detail the rest of the game certainly delivers…..

Driveclub Gets the balance just right , so it keeps you entertained , we’ve all played games where it gets to hard and just give up , gamers want a challenge but it has to be fun too, the cars in the game are pretty special the only down side is the lack of colours or livery depth but that aside you can’t have it all, as far as types of games and challenges there over 200 types of races you can do..offline..

And online you can join a club with your friends etc and challenge each other..,as well as the open-ended online genres, the menus are easy to use and the game as a package is well presented,Enjoy the excitement of high-speed solo racing, or join a racing club to discover what Driveclub is all about.if you’re looking for a decent racing game like grid or need for speed , driveclub is worth a look…


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Fifa 16 Nearly Here !!

I’ve Played the demo and i have to say im impressed ,but to be honest ive never been disappointed in ea sports fifa games ,going way back to Sony mega drive ive been playing for yrs,the new game out later this month plays very smooth and the new additions to the game are very nice,the no touch dribbling and shooting upgrades are a nice touch to an already good game…

With the addition of female teams and a new FUT feature draft pick engine where you get to pick from 5 top players for each position adds a nice touch ,no longer do we have to spend endless hours trying to build the ultimate team,this is fine if you have the time,but for players like me who lead a very busy life its the ideal addition….


The game looks amazing from the first moment you switch the console on your drawn in ,the menus are easy to use the presentation pre game is awesome and it’s just such an accurate representation of the beautiful game ,whether your on Xbox,or Playstation you’ll love every thing about the title,if you’re a first time fifa player there’s a neat trainer feature built into the game ,by clicking in R3 it brings up a graphic around the player with pass suggestions…

Again i think ea sports have got it right,of course they drip feed the customer every year with new tweaks but that’s fine because the franchise has years of scope left,im looking forward to release day,I hope the video above gives you a wee taster of what to expect …Happy gaming…


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