Fifa 16-17 page on the celtic footsoldiers also…


Ok everyone loves fifa or pro evolution soccer ,most of us grew up playing these games ,with the upcoming launch of fifa 17 around the corner,i thought id expand ,this page from my gaming blog over to here on the celtic footsoldiers ,il add the gaming blog link at the bottom of the page,its only been up and running for 6 months,but its time consuming trying to run 2 sites so it doesn’t get as much attention as this site….

Anyway to cut a long story short this page will host all things fifa 16-17 ,from clips to reviews to pics to ratings charts basically anything fifa,if your a gamer like me you’ll enjoy the addition ,im trying to improve and add new content all the time,there will come a point of course when i might need to trim it back,it takes a lot of work to update and keep everything fresh,but anyway lets get on with it,i’ve started the page by adding some pics from the new fifa 17 and some gameplay vids,there also a section for fifa 16 stuff …enjoy the page and please share ……