Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Review




Call of duty black ops 3 review

Everyone has a opinion on a game mines is call of duty needs to get back to first and Second World War themed games , the jump last few yrs to future soldiers just is int doing it for me personally , my opinion is the game has went backwards , you always thought of COD as a game focusing on the battle against the Germans and Japanese of the 2 nd world war , it always worked …

The move to modern day Russia as enemy was also ok , where it’s all went wrong is this battle against robots and super soldiers , it’s just not believable well not yet anyway , all this jumping around in exo skeleton suits is to much , the designers need to go back to basics , the older generation may agree with me I don’t know, but you can’t beat the authenticity of 2 nd world war Omaha beach,and the crack of a mounted machine gun turret high up on the horizon ,ready to be stormed by a marine or a tommy….

What frustrates me about the latest COD games is all this jumping around its just not natural and totally ruins the experience of the game ,i bought the game a few weeks back and was very dissapointed with the entire look and feel of the game ,hence the fact ive only had it out the box maybe twice in a few weeks ,its maybe my age i dunno it will appeal to the nippers cause there all about that futuristic stuff but for me its all went a bit pete tong..

I just hope the makers off the game realize they need to take a step back to 5 yrs ago when the game was actually fun ,i know my main gripe is about the leap into the future soldier and the bad graphics ,but being a owner of every COD game there s been on PlayStation i can tell you the last 3 games aint coming out the box …theirs much more i could say about the game if i was frothing at the mouth over the title but to be honest with the division on the horizon Cod is going to have to do a lot to win this gamer over …………………………..



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