Driveclub Review..Pics,Vid…


To anyone who’s not played the game you’re in for a treat ,once you get by the massive 17 GB download to your next-gen console you’ll be impressed by the game, the graphics are amazing and almost all the tracks are a joy to drive on , the cars handle well and there’s a fine balance just enough to keep you on edge , the problem with some racing games is there to ultra realistic with no mercy…at least here you feel in control….

The licensed cars may look lovely, but they don’t crash very impressively. A few dents and scratches are present, but when you flip the car at 200mph, there should be a satisfying scene of destruction. As it is, you scrape along the barriers and the car resets and off you go on your merry way,if you can overlook that small detail the rest of the game certainly delivers…..

Driveclub Gets the balance just right , so it keeps you entertained , we’ve all played games where it gets to hard and just give up , gamers want a challenge but it has to be fun too, the cars in the game are pretty special the only down side is the lack of colours or livery depth but that aside you can’t have it all, as far as types of games and challenges there over 200 types of races you can do..offline..

And online you can join a club with your friends etc and challenge each other..,as well as the open-ended online genres, the menus are easy to use and the game as a package is well presented,Enjoy the excitement of high-speed solo racing, or join a racing club to discover what Driveclub is all about.if you’re looking for a decent racing game like grid or need for speed , driveclub is worth a look…



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